That’s me in the middle

Photography has always been a way of life for me.

My father was a professional photographer. He operated George Photographic Studio in Toronto from 1957 to 2004. As a kid, I worked part time at his ‘shop’ (as he liked to call it), and then joined him full time in 1980.

Since those early days my occupation has been that of a professional photographer. In that time I have photographed a great variety of subjects- from wedding and portrait, to the advertising, editorial, and product photography I perform now.

I own and operate C Schel Photography, which is based in the Greater Toronto Area. I sometimes collaborate with my son, Max Taeuschel, on his motion projects.

Although photographic tools and technology have evolved tremendously over the years, the fundamentals of photography have remained unchanged. My craft has always been managing and performing these fundamentals.

Chico Taeuschel



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